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a song about how most alive things are really resilient and amazing but death is real and that's okay too (also many children screaming in the background about some sort of crazy parachute contraption, i don't think they are afraid)


as the snow melts
and the fields are unfurled
and the lines of the land are revealed as
clearly, knit one and purl
what is left living kicks up its heels at the wind
and what we have buried
we wait for time to mend

through the filter of age
i try to recall
the dances of spring
the now distant fall
who was i then? i am not them now
time is dragging me along
like the horse drags the plow
to turn the earth
start anew somehow

i watch the chickens scratch and peck
even little grasses do grow back
and you only need to beckon and we will
give this world something to reckon with
lose our trouble like a bad dream
upon waking everything is green


from greatest hits live!, released August 14, 2016


tags: folk Troy



The Hollow Horse Troy, Maine

Keep your eye out for a new release this fall!

The Hollow Horse makes music in an old farmhouse in rural Maine and occasionally elsewhere.

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