dark glasses (put on your)

from by The Hollow Horse

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a song about the joys of sunglasses ownership and use, bloodletting, the weather, and hair dye


underneath your sorrow
is the kid with the golden hair
he don't know what's coming
he don't really care
cause its gonna be good, yeah
it's gonna be great
how could it not be

though we mourn the passing of
those bright eyed youths we were
there's never been enchantment
without a little blood
and if you change your name
you might wake up a different person
and if you ask just right you might get what you deserve
you deserve it all

so fake it till you make it
then cash all your chips in
put on your dark glasses
they wont know what you're thinking
I don't know what's coming
and i never will
but i've learned to always read the label
before swallowing the pill

and i can smell the grass
heavy scent of the second cut hay
and i can see the last light
thunder clouds chasing down the day
And the birds sing everything's okay


from greatest hits live!, released August 14, 2016




The Hollow Horse Troy, Maine

Keep your eye out for a new release this fall!

The Hollow Horse makes music in an old farmhouse in rural Maine and occasionally elsewhere.

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