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by The Hollow Horse

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finn keaney
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finn keaney new release from sofia albam of squinch owl. at last. Favorite track: evergreen.
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Barking dogs, screaming babies, and singing


released August 14, 2016




The Hollow Horse Troy, Maine

Keep your eye out for a new release this fall!

The Hollow Horse makes music in an old farmhouse in rural Maine and occasionally elsewhere.

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Track Name: dark glasses (put on your)
underneath your sorrow
is the kid with the golden hair
he don't know what's coming
he don't really care
cause its gonna be good, yeah
it's gonna be great
how could it not be

though we mourn the passing of
those bright eyed youths we were
there's never been enchantment
without a little blood
and if you change your name
you might wake up a different person
and if you ask just right you might get what you deserve
you deserve it all

so fake it till you make it
then cash all your chips in
put on your dark glasses
they wont know what you're thinking
I don't know what's coming
and i never will
but i've learned to always read the label
before swallowing the pill

and i can smell the grass
heavy scent of the second cut hay
and i can see the last light
thunder clouds chasing down the day
And the birds sing everything's okay
Track Name: jealousy
jealousy, that bitter wine
my heart sinks inside my chest
jealously i guard the vine
ive got what i want now but i never did know best

hopefully you can recall my name
you say it often to yourself
honestly i wasn't all to blame
i just never thought to blame somebody else
and i never thought to wish you well

i wish you were here
or i wish that you wished you were here
i wish you always missed me when you weren't here
just break it to me oh wont you be clear

and a part of me
would leave it all behind
and one part seeks to stay
a part of me
wants to destroy itself
which part shall i listen to today?

i wish i was there or
i wish that you wished i was there or
i wish you always missed me when i wasn't there
will you tell me oh wont you be fair
Track Name: evergreen
as the snow melts
and the fields are unfurled
and the lines of the land are revealed as
clearly, knit one and purl
what is left living kicks up its heels at the wind
and what we have buried
we wait for time to mend

through the filter of age
i try to recall
the dances of spring
the now distant fall
who was i then? i am not them now
time is dragging me along
like the horse drags the plow
to turn the earth
start anew somehow

i watch the chickens scratch and peck
even little grasses do grow back
and you only need to beckon and we will
give this world something to reckon with
lose our trouble like a bad dream
upon waking everything is green
Track Name: take me home (now, please)
at the bottom of the bottle, at the bottom of the sea
well it always took the bottom
to get me to go looking for me
i have lost imagination
if the future's different i can't see
but if i can still run, then i will run on
to the one thing that brings comfort to me

i want to go home
take me
i want to go home
when i feel low

you get your boots, i'll get the car keys
and we'll ride off into the sun
you and i both know that won't help me
but maybe we'll have some fun (i could use some)
now i'm crying for my country
rolling back across the plain
and i sit here and drink my coffee
and i look out over everything, and
Track Name: bring in the wood
and what have i learned
in a quarter century of turning
that my whole world is thinner than
the light of morning
thinner than the glass
that keeps the winter wind from howling
in my living room

ive never known a sweeter tune
than one you're singing
i've never known a bigger love
that what you're bringing
bring in the wood
and i'll bring home dinner
its all we can do
just keep the world from getting thinner

the cash that you earn is just
a fire away from burning
and all that you know
is just a bullet from returning
bring in the wood...

and what have i learned
in a quarter century of turning
that my whole world is thinner
than the light of morning
thinner than the skin
that keeps my precious blood from spilling
out into the street
bring in the wood...